Justin fell into music photography largely due to trips up to London to watch his far more musically talented friends play gigs. Eventually moving to London he studied photography part-time and continued to pursue his increasing interest, photographing up-and-coming bands around Camden, London’s musical hub. Moving out to Australia in 2004, he settled in Brisbane in 2005.

Justin prefers photographing in black and white, with his photography influenced by the live music photography of Gered Mankowitz, Pennie Smith and Steve Gullick and the portrait style of Anton Corbijn.  Through his photography he strives to produce strong, iconic images that stand out from the crowd and act as an antidote to the glossy throwaway concert photos that are celebrated by the modern mainstream media.

Whereas most music photographers will talk in cliches about endeavouring to capture “The Moment” which generally relates to tired rock-star action poses, Justin’s photography seeks something closer to an “Anti-Moment”; an instance of simple elegance and breathtaking beauty, a single, fleeting point in time where the subject is caught in a period of stillness and reflection, isolated from the audience and the stage.

He is a regular contributor to Brisbane’s weekly street press magazine, Rave and his photographs have also been published in Rolling Stone, Plan B, Mess & Noise, Blunt, the Herald-Sun, The Vine and Drowned In Sound.

Contact: ed@justinedwards.com.au