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Joanna Newsom @ The Tivoli

I think my favourite description of Joanna Newsom (maybe from Mess+Noise, maybe from Drowned In Sound, maybe somewhere else, I can’t exactly remember) described her as “singing like a recently smacked child”.  It’s a description that always brings a wry smile as I’ve always thought there is an element of truth in the description and it’s been […]

X + Sixfthick @ The Zoo

Every time I see Sixfthick I make a conscious decision that I’m not going to photograph Gentle Ben as I’ve got a ridiculous amount of photos of him and would say he’s my most photographed person by a long, long way. By comparison I have hardly any photos of Dan, and even less of Tony […]

I Heart Hiroshima + DZ @ The Zoo

Another chance to catch up with DZ, this time away from the small stage of The Troubadour, supporting I Heart Hiroshima at The Zoo.  I had hoped that the larger venue, larger stage and better lighting might make it an improved photographic experience but it ends up being almost the opposite, with the band being […]

Cannot Buy My Soul: The Songs of Kev Carmody @ The Riverstage

Waiting outside The Riverstage before the gates open you can’t but get a feeling that there’s a heavy cloud of middle-class liberal guilt in the air, watching the white, middle-aged masses gather with their rugs and picnic baskets to celebrate one of modern Australia’s protest singers. But I guess I am sat outside the gate […]

That Was The Year That Was 2009

This time last year I blogged that 2008 had been a hectic photographic year, little knowing that 2009 would be even more extreme, and end up looking as follows: Stars Black Keys All Tomorrow’s Parties – Mt Buller All Tomorrow’s Parties – Brisbane Powerhouse: Fuck Buttons, Dead Meadow & Afrirampo Bon Iver Laughing Clowns Jeff Beck […]