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Why I Didn’t Photograph Carol King

Tonight I was supposed to be photographing Carol King, which I had been looking forward to doing. It’s not every day you get to photograph one of the 20th century’s most renowned songwriters. But I ended up turning it down when they sent me the contract to sign. The contract said that the photos could […]

The Datsuns + The Casanovas

Can’t remember the last time I shot three days in a row (making it four in a week). Possibly the Mean Streaks back in April, when it was four nights in a row… So anyway, Sunday night was The Datsuns and The Casanovas at The Zoo. With a photo pit The Datsuns would be a […]

The Cops

When I first came out to Sydney in May 2004 one of the first bands I saw was The Cops. One of my friends from the UK had come out on a year visa a couple of years before me and put me in touch with his ex-housemate, who was a friend of the bass […]

The Scare

Went to The Columbian on Friday night to see The Scare’s first gig back in Brisbane since their infamous show at The Zoo last year. The light at the Columbian is never the best but they turned it down even lower than normal so the stage was only lit by a single red spotlight about […]

Yngwie Malmsteen

So, you miss out on U2 and next up is Yngwie Malmsteen… Thought I’d get there a bit early, get into the pit before it kicked off and do some still life shots of the guitar, the scalloped fretboard, the wall of Marshall amps etc. Get there at 8:50pm and find out that the door […]