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One Step Closer to Being Able to Say “I’m with Rolling Stone”…

Applied for a freelance photographer position at RS that was being run through the VRaw myspace site. Got this email yesterday: Not sure what the next steps are. Or how big the shortlist is. Not really expecting to get it, but is nice to anyway. More news when I have it…

New Toy

After 6 weeks of Guitar Hero 2-induced RSI I finally got around to buying the real thing. Been on my list of things to buy for ages. First time picked up a guitar in about 10 years. And was almost tempted to buy another yesterday when popped into a Cash Converters in the ‘burbs… still […]

Gin Club DVD Recording

Went to see The Gin Club play an afternoon show last Sunday at The Powerhouse. They were filming for a DVD and didn’t want to get in the way so took some long-range and wider-than-I’d-normally-do-angle shots. Have wanted to try to get a proper group shot of the band but with the amount of people […]

Zombie Ghost Train + The Wrath

Last Saturday night was Zombie Ghost Train and The Wrath at The Globe. Was a toss up between that and Vasco Era at The Zoo. Seen TVE a couple times before (supporting Gomez, Falls Festival) and although really impressive live and good to photograph, was a bit disappointed with the album, plus not seen ZGT […]

Pauhaus Festival

W/e before last was Pauhaus. No quick way in so had to queue up for 35 minutes so whilst got to see second half of Violent Soho’s set missed my 3 songs to photograph them in. Considering how good the lighting rigs are on all three stages at The Powerhouse the lighting wasn’t as good […]

MereNoise Meltdown

Had a great night at the MereNoise Meltdown festival at The Globe at the start of the month (2 June). Load of photos on Rave’s website and dumped bigger versions on flickr. The flickr shots are as I intended them to be; had to reshape them for Rave after they had initially been done. The […]

Sloan & The Pictures

Photographed Sloan on Thurs night, with The Pictures supporting. When the Rave Concert Calendar was emailed around it was a blast from the past to see their name on it. A housemate from years ago had some of their stuff, so put in for it despite a Thursday night embarrassment of photo ops (Underoath, Tim […]