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Gentle Ben And His Sensitive Side + Kim Salmon @ The Ding Dong Lounge

Having seen Sixfthick and Rollerball the night before, the weekend of Brisbane-In-Melbourne continues back at The Ding Dong Lounge with Gentle Ben And His Sensitive Side. And in a role reversal from last weekend in Brisbane, Kim Salmon (albeit playing solo and without The Surrealists) is supporting. Gentle Ben was showing no signs of the […]

Sixfthick @ Roxanne Parlour

From X at The Ding Dong Lounge, it was a bit of a magical mystery tour to Roxanne Parlour, despite the venue only being just down the road. Eventually, after a walk around the block, going into a somewhat random building with no sign outside saying that this was the place and getting the lift […]

X + Rollerball @ The Ding Dong Lounge

Work has taken me down to Victoria for a few weeks, but there’s always time to fit in a gig or two, especially when I had a couple of nights in Melbourne. First up was X supported by Rollerball at The Ding Dong Lounge. After a few years of only knowing Richard Sharman of Black […]

Kim Salmon And The Surrealists @ The Step Inn

I managed to fit in Kim Salmon And The Surrealists’ gig at the Step Inn whilst back in Brisbane for a few days, in between being in Far North Queensland and being down in Victoria. Although I have seen Kim Salmon with Darling Downs, his acoustic country/folk duo with Died Pretty’s Ron Peno, this was […]

Robert Forster @ Brisbane Powerhouse

Got another of those last minute requests, this time to cover Robert Forster‘s gig at the Brisbane Powerhouse, which I couldn’t say no to.  Unfortunately it was a 3 songs and escorted out of the venue job, which was a shame as I always enjoy seeing him play.  In addition, it was a bit of a […]

Mr Rascal + Granite Lakes + Carry Nation @ QPAC

  The night before I went up to Cooktown back in July I was commissioned by Mr Rascal to photograph their album launch at the Cremorne Theatre at QPAC, with Carry Nation and Granite Lakes supporting. Nice little venue, with excellent sound and some pretty good lights; a nice change from the usual venue fare […]