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Dirty Three @ The Tivoli, 22.03.2012

Tonight’s support act, Lost Animal, are already playing when I get to The Tivoli. There’s no one in the photo pit and I don’t check to see whether it’s still in the first three songs. They continue to play for a good while afterwards so maybe I should have checked as  I might have been OK to […]

Duran Duran @ BEC, 17.03.2012

Although I don’t really put in for many shows at the BEC (it’s such a long way to go to hang around waiting for a band and then get kicked out after three songs and have to come all the way back again) I just really fancied covering Duran Duran for a bit of old time nostalgia. […]

First Aid Kit + Little Scout @ The Zoo, 16.03.2012

As is becoming a habit for me, I don’t get there in time to see Big Strong Brute and as the actual times have been changed from those advertised I also manage to miss the start of Little Scout. The band say that they haven’t played for six months but I think I probably saw them […]

Real Estate + Feathers @ The Zoo, 13.03.2012

Running late again, I get to The Zoo twenty minutes after Tight Slip are due to start but with still another ten minutes left of their set. I can hear them playing as I walk up to the venue’s front door, but in the time it takes to walk up the stairs, get my hand […]

Wild Flag + Love Of Diagrams + Blank Realm @ The Zoo, 11.03.2012

By the time I get to The Zoo, Blank Realm have already started. Walking up the stairs of the venue they already sound really good but then I realise that I’ve probably seen them most often at Woodland with its terrible sound. They’ve always been good and I’ve always really enjoyed seeing them but everything […]


Amazingly another year has rolled by and it’s the sixth anniversary of the first blog post I ever wrote. In those six years I have written 449 blog posts, with this post now being the big 450.  This time last year I was up to 362 published posts so it’s been a really productive year of writing, […]

St Vincent @ The Hi-Fi, 10.03.2012

Tonight gig marks a special occasion in that I’m trying out my new camera for the very first time. I only bought a new memory card for it yesterday (it takes a completely different type of memory card to my previous camera, which means that I’m going to have to go out at some point […]

Harvest @ The Riverstage, 19.11.2011 – Part 3

Having only seen the first three songs when Mogwai played Splendour back in July, needing to rush off for one final walk to the Amphitheatre stage for Kanye West’s headline slot on the first night of the festival, I’m in exactly the same situation at Harvest. Someone really needs to bring them out for another […]

Black Lips + Tiny Migrants @ The Zoo, 02.03.2012

It’s the day after the night before. With no 11:25pm Beenleigh train, I have to hang around to 11:55pm to get home and the train is delayed due to a “police incident at Alderley”, making it another 20 minutes late. By the time I get home it’s just before 1am and there’s a big day at work with […]

Neon Indian @ The Zoo, 01.03.2012

Having accepted a last minute request to photograph Jessie J over the other side of town at The Riverstage, I miss both of tonight’s support bands – Argentina (given Sean Penn’s, Roger Walter’s and now Morrissey’s comments, I wonder what their view of the Falkland Islands is?) and YesYou. I get to The Zoo just as Neon Indian […]

Jessie J + Professor Green + Amy Meredith @ The Riverstage, 01.03.2012

I didn’t put into cover tonight (just in case you were wondering) but got a last minute email the day before enquiring whether I was available to cover it. Although  I had another gig in The Valley already arranged for the night, the earlier Riverstage shows, with their 10pm curfews) meant that there was time to fit this in […]

Harvest @ The Riverstage, 19.11.2011 – Part 2

The middle of the afternoon to early evening is always the worst time for any festival in terms of clashes. Earlier in the day, there’s generally less ‘names’ and high-profile acts and more upcoming bands, or in Australia’s case the same bands at every festival, which make managing the day and deciding who to see easier. […]

Future Music Festival @ Doomben Racecourse, 03.03.2012 – Quick Round Up

It isn’t just the onset of wrinkles, grey hair and middle-age spread that marks a movement into old age, there’s a whole, non-physical, psychological aspect that goes with it, the grumpiness and especially the increasing lack of patience and tolerance for idiots.  This reaches its natural end point, some would say nadir, when you start […]