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Buck 65 + Warhol = $20

Another day, another gig and so second gig of the year was on 4th January: Buck 65 at GoMA – Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art – as part of their Andy Warhol Up Late season. It’s a great concept; $20 for the Warhol exhibition and the gig and get to avoid all the kids who are […]

Mashing it up with Girl Talk

Back to Brisbane after New Year in Sydney and straight back into it with the first gig of the year on the 3rd Januray: Girl Talk at The Zoo. Came from a recomendation from someone I know who is into his dance music. Call me old fashioned but I still don’t really get the whole […]

Butcher Birds Do Melbourne – Part 2

Managed to finish going through some of the backlog of photos over Xmas, starting with the Saturday of the Butcher Birds in Melbourne back in September. Not much happened on the Saturday – a day of relaxing after having gotten up at 4:30am the day before to get the plane down, running around Melbourne all […]