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The Drones + Snowman

Photographed The Drones and Perth band Snowman a couple of weeks ago at The Zoo. First time seen The Drones since they played at The Columbian with Darling Downs last September (I think). Photos here. Good to see they’ve picked up a lot more fans since then. Fantastic gig, especially Dan Luscombe’s guitar playing, which […]

The Mess Hall: He Bangs The Drum

One of life’s great joys is getting to photograph The Mess Hall every now and then. And forget about Jed; its all about Cec and his photogenic drumming skills. So it was pretty disappointing to end up with nothing much of the gig – a combination of darkness, being on the wrong side of the […]

SixFtHick Album Launch

Hope that one day will get to photograph sixfthick (a) with good lighting; (b) with a photo pit. Hope that one day will get to photograph Scul Hazzards with (a) some lighting…I did wuss out of standing against the stage (unlike last album launch….) but probably ended up in up the worst of the mosh […]

Die!Die!Die! with No!No!No! Lights

Some more stuff to file under ‘meh’. The lighting was probably slightly better than the Patrick Wolf gig but far from good so a lot of sub-1/50 shutter going on. One of these days I will get some decent photos of Scul Hazzards…fingers crossed for this Friday at The Zoo…. More on flickr. Die!Die!Die! Scul […]

Patrick Wolf

Worst set of photos I’ve taken in ages. Was really dark and was too far back in the crowd. The only time he had any light on him was when he was sat at his keyboard on the other side of the stage from where I was, which meant I had to try photograph across […]

The Vasco Era + The Fumes

Gave up photographing The Fumes after about a song ‘cos the the lighting was so bad. Was having a drink, was stood by the mixing desk and a random guy started chatting to me about the usual, i.e. who I was photographing for etc. Then it went a bit surreal…. Random Guy: So why aren’t […]

Schlockfest 2007

Couple Saturday nights ago went to Scholckfest at The Globe. Schlockfest bills itself as ‘Brisbane’s Best B-Grade Short Film Festival’ and the films I saw didn’t disappoint with tales of killer cans of Spam and giant chickens. As well as the films there was also caberet and music to end the night. The main reason […]

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan / smog / (smog) or whatever he’s calling himself this week played at The Troubadour a couple weeks ago. Normally I avoid photographing at The Troubadour due to its darkness but sometimes you just have to make the most of a bad situation to see/photographt the bands you really want to. Plus, there […]


The day after The Drones it was off to The Met for Regurgitator’s album launch gig. Always expect the worst for Sunday night gigs but was already a fairly big queue down the street when I turned up. First time that been to The Met – nice venue, probably similar to the floor size of […]