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Lost & Found Festival @ Rosie’s, 07-03-10

By the time I’d been signed up to cover the Lost Weekend Festival it had already been relocated from Ivory Rocks, a 45 minutes drive west from Brisbane, to The Riverstage and downscaled from a three day camping festival to a two day festival in the heart of the city. Having looked forward to the […]

Brisbane Sounds 2010 – The Gin Club, Grand Atlantic, The Cairos, Lion Island, Coalition Crew, Dirtybird @ The Zoo, 27-02-10

More photos from the archive.

3OH!3 + Tonight Alive @ The Old Museum, 12-08-10

They say a change is as good as a rest, which is part of the reason I find myself at 3OH!3’s all-ages show at the Old Museum tonight, something a lot more ‘pop’ than I would normally go and see. The other part of the reason is that I’ve known their Tour Manager through the […]

Batrider + Kitchen’s Floor + Blank Realm @ Rosies, 20-05-2010

Something from the hard drive archives.  I didn’t write any notes the following day so musically can’t tell you much about the night, other than Batrider had a much different line up from the last time I’d seen them at The Troubadour, with only singer Sarah Chadwick remaining.  The one residing memory from the night […]

This Is Not A Photo Opportunity – The Revamp

Largely based on what I’ve learnt putting together Collapse Board, I decided my own blog was well overdue for a bit of a revamp.  The trouble is that it makes the posts and photos from the last 4½ years look pretty terrible.  Maybe if I ever have the time I’ll go back and update all […]