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Incremental Records Launch @ The Zoo

I made a comment in a recent blog about how easy it it to lose touch with the local music scene.  When you start of photographing the usual route is to start with the local scene, build up a portfolio and  hope that it leads to bigger and higher profile opportunities but when that happens those […]

Washington + Last Dinosaurs @ The Troubadour

I know I’ve blogged previously about photographing keyboard players; it’s the worst and along with saxophonists they’re probably the hardest musicians to get really good photos of.  Not just ok photos, REALLY good photos.  This is possibly because, with a very few exceptions, the keyboard is the most un-rock instrument ever.  So Megan Washington is […]

Flipper + Sixfthick + Vaginabillies @ The Step Inn

I guess I had an inkling of what a Flipper show might be like to attend and tonight I get pretty much what I expected; you can get a sense just from listening to their music without having to even read a single live review.  It’s a bitter, angry, alienated, disinterested, discordant experience and tonight Bruce […]

Splendour In The Grass 2009 – Part 5

MGMT were really shocking when they played at The Tivoli at the end of last year; really terrible and disinterested, a band that had obviously spent far too long on the road. But in seemingly typical style the Splendour organisers obviously waited to see what songs were towards the top reaches of Triple J’s Hottest […]

Splendour In The Grass 2009 – Part 4

All plans for an early start and a timely return to the festival site don’t materialise. The early start does happen but the time is spent editing Saturday’s photos, then thinking about making a move, waiting for other people whilst they think about it and then think a bit more about it, then have some […]