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Queens Of The Stone Age: The True Meaning of Era Vulgaris

Wikipedia tells us that the latest Queens Of The Stone Age album, Era Vulgaris refers to the Latin term for Common Era.  The entry continues by saying that the title was chosen by Josh Homme because he thought “it sounds like ‘the Vulgar Era’, which I like, because that sounds like something that I would […]

Sinead O’Connor: It’s been 7 hours and 18 years…

No rest for the wicked and straight onto Blog No. 105; Sinead O’Connor, with Damien Demspey supporting. Sinead played at the first Glastonbury I went to back in 1990; she was second on the bill on the Saturday night, playing before The Cure, riding high at that time with ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’.  It was […]

Blog is Two

Today is the second anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog. Everything that was on my old Myspace blog has now been transferred over to this site and all the links and images that weren’t working (due to websites I have photographed for in the past changing their site layouts and page […]

Hard, Sweet and Sticky with The Bellrays

One night, two choices: The Bellrays at The Zoo or Ozzy Osbourne at the BEC. I put in for both but with The Bellrays as my preferred choice. Reasons why? I photographed The Bellrays last year but could only stay for a couple songs and, as they won a Best International Live Act ‘award’ from […]

Buffalo Tom + Screamfeeder

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. Whether or not this is true, time definitely has flown since the last time that I saw Buffalo Tom, (which from memory was in London at the LA2 in November 1999) let alone the first time that I saw them back in the early 1990s at […]

The Brisbane Sound

A few weeks ago it was Brisbane Sounds; this time around it was The Brisbane Sound, as in the definitive article. As part of the exhibition, there was a series of three concerts; I went to the second one, curated by Robert Forster. Although the exhibition was celebrating the indie and experimental music scenes and […]

Toto @ The Tivoli

Ever since I have started going to gigs one of my main thoughts as I walk up to the venue concerns just how popular the band playing is and how many people will be there; my ultimate nightmare is that they’ll be playing to near empty room of the proverbial three men and a dog […]


CocoRosie are a band that has perplexed me for a while. Whilst only familiar with their music via their myspace and random snippets available on the web elsewhere, I found the polarisation of views and reviews to be really interesting; you either love them or you hate them; they either get 5 star gushing reviews […]

Broken Social Scene & Stars = Broken Nose Scene & Seeing Stars

Always good to see promoters organise extracurricular sideshows for bands playing festivals in Brisbane – in this case with both Broken Social Scene and Stars playing the following day at the Laneway Festival. And even better that the sideshow at The Zoo sold out; one step closer to hopefully convincing more promoters that it is […]

Don’t Look Back: Died Pretty + Ed Kuepper

The Don’t Look Back series of concerts finally made it across to Australia this month, although in typical and familiar fashion Brisbane got the rough end of the deal with only one concert – the double bill of Died Pretty playing ‘Doughboy Hollow’ and Ed Kuepper playing ‘Honey Steel’s Gold’ – missing out on the […]

Brisbane Sounds

Blair and Vicki from The Zoo put on a showcase night of local bands as a fundraiser to raise money for a promotional CD sampler of Brisbane bands.  You can read more about it here.  Of all the major cities I’ve lived in/near – Exeter, Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Sydney and Brisbane – Brisbane has by […]