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Status Quo + The Screaming Jets @ BCC 11-03-10

March was very much a month of nostalgia; mainly a trip back to the early Nineties with shows by Pavement, Pixies and Massive Attack but also with a Status Quo show, which I guess for me is more like a trip back to the early/mid Eighties.  I’d never seen the band so it was very […]

Pixies @ Brisbane Convention Centre 18-03-10

When the Pixies were last out here on tour, back in 2007,  I saw them play at both of the V Festivals: the Sydney one as a paying punter, the Gold Coast one with a photographer’s pass.  I am a huge fan of the band as anyone who knows me will testify, especially if they knew me […]

Vivian Girls + The Legend! & The Deadnotes + Nova Scotia + Feathers @ The Step Inn

Normally when I photograph a show I’ll try and write some quick notes the next morning to help me when I finally get around to writing the blog post.  However, I have gone through a massive phase of not doing this, meaning trying to write posts more than five months after they happened. The most […]

HEALTH + Stature::Statue @ The Step Inn, 25-02-10

I didn’t quite know what to expect from a HEALTH show.  I probably wasn’t expecting it to be the most scenester show I’ve probably been to in the time I’ve been in Brisbane, with the majority of the crowd looking like they’ve just walked out of the pages of Vice.  There’s a very scenester-looking photographer […]

Dirty Three @ The Tivoli 25-01-10

Back in the good old days of film cameras, one of the harder things to keep a check on, in addition to whether any of the photos you’d taken were actually any good, was how many photos you’d taken of each band member.  Many a frustrating Sunday morning was spent developing films in the darkroom […]

Laughing Clowns @ The Tivoli 25-01-10

I don’t think I’ve ever given a support band a separate post, normally just including the headliner and all the support band musings and photos all in the one post.  But tonight Ed Kuepper hinted that this might be the last time that we get to see Laughing Clowns and as it’s been such a […]

Frankly Festival @ The Powerhouse 12-09-09

Still in photo and blog catch-up mode, this is the most overdue of the lot; last September’s boutique Frankly Festival at the Powerhouse, organised by Room40‘s Lawrence English.  It was a very eclectic line-up, with differing musical styles on show as well as the different geographical backgrounds of the acts on show. An early highlight […]

This Is Not A Photo Opportunity – Blogging since 2006

Amazingly, this week was is the fourth anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog, first on Myspace and now on This Is Not A Photo Opportunity. The actual anniversary was on Wednesday but although I’d drafted up 90% of this post it’s been a hectic week and I forgot to finish it […]

Hunz @ Ric’s, 13-03-10

I recently blogged (in a backlog blog from last year) that one of the highlight’s of the Big Sound Conference gigs was Hunz’s show at X & Y Bar.  It seems to be a bit of a fallow time for bands in Brisbane at the moment so it’s always really good to discover something ‘new’ […]

Yves Klein Blue @ The Social, London 22-11-09

I haven’t been in the UK a whole lot since first coming out to Australia in 2004 but have managed to go see a few Australian bands during my brief visits up to London – the somewhat unlikely pairing of The Casanovas supported by The Grates (some awful photos of them) and also The Spazzys, with […]

Tiny Vipers @ The Troubadour 03-10-09

If there’s a lesson to be learnt from tonight it’s not to cover two gigs (with eight bands in total) at two different venues, even if they are only afew hundred metres apart.  In a perfect world there wouldn’t have been a problem as the times at the two venues complemented each other almost perfectly, with the set-up […]

The Cribs @ The Zoo 16-02-10

Any chance to be in the same room as one of my musical heroes since forever is not something to be passed up on and why I find myself at The Cribs‘ gig at The Zoo tonight. I photographed Johnny Marr when he played at Falls Festival with Modest Mouse back at the very end […]

Van Dyke Parks @ The Powerhouse 12-0-09

Tonight is one of those shows that you feel very privileged to be at; getting to spend in evening with one of modern music’s greats in intimate surrounding with only 100 other people (somewhat bizarrely including Peaches, who had been DJ-ing downstairs as part of the Frankly Festival). Having been to The Powerhouse plenty of times […]

Velociraptor @ Browning Street Studios, 06-02-10

I think tonight is supposed to be an all ages show but it seems more like the old school BYO shows that you used to get at 610 as dressed-up scenesters teenagers show their real class by drinking wine straight from the bottle. Playing as a 9-piece tonight, Velociraptor take up more than half the […]

Grant Hart @ The Troubadour 10-02-10

Husker Du probably never got their fair dues and although they seem to be one of the few bands that haven’t jumped on the reunion bandwagon in recent times (other than for two songs as part of a benefit for Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller back in 2004), Bob Mould and Grant Hart seem to have […]

Scul Hazzards @ The Step Inn, 05-02-10

Before heading off to the UK a couple of years ago, Scul Hazzards were one of my favourite bands to go and see in Brisbane.  Two years later some things have changed; Tif has gone blonde and Leigh has a massive beard.  And somethings never change; the band remain as tight as ever and the terrible […]

Spiral Stairs @ The Workers Club, Melbourne 19-09-09

If there’s a good time to release a new album that’s been over five years in the making and play a gig launching the album, it’s probably not in the same week as your old band has announced a series of reunion gigs, more than ten years after you last played.  But this is where Spiral […]

DZ @ The Birmingham Hotel, Melbourne 17-09-09

Went and caught a couple of shows when I was working down in Melbourne in September, including DZ‘s Thursday night gig at the Birmingham Hotel on Johnston Street.  It’s always interesting to see how well Brisbane bands do when they go out of town.  For a while it looked like it might be a really […]