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Soundwave 2012 @ RNA Showgrounds, 25.02.2012 – Part 1

Working in an office block that overlooks the RNA showgrounds, I get to see the festival site take shape over the week leading up to Soundwave. However, come Friday afternoon, even as a veteran of far too many wet Glastonburys and Readings, looking out of the office window at the dark mid-afternoon skies and the […]

Laneway 2012 @ RNA Showgrounds, 28.01.2012 – Part 3

Disappointingly Feist (6:20pm start) has decreed that there will be no photographers in the photo pit during her set. I would have liked to have photographed her but in protest go and see Twin Shadow instead. I do go back to catch the last couple of Feist’s songs and snipe a few last-minute photos from out […]

Laneway 2012 @ RNA Showgrounds, 28.01.2012 – Part 2

The next three stage clash of the afternoon pits DZ Deathrays (3:35pm start) against Laura Marling (3:50pm start) and Girls (3:55pm start). I was always going to see DZ Deathrays and the fact that (a) I’ve photographed Laura Marling before and she was boring; and (b) Girls start five minutes later, meaning I can spend […]

Laneway 2012 @ RNA Showgrounds, 28.01.2012 – Part 1

This year’s Laneway Festival was another one of those occasions when I didn’t scribble down any notes afterwards. In part this was due to the always unwise reasoning that makes me think I’ll easily remember everything that happened over the day and in part because it was hard to come away from Laneway thinking much […]

Big Day Out @ Gold Coast Parklands, 22.01.2012 – Part 3

If the lunchtime overlapping of Cage The Elephant, Parkway Drive, Best Coast and Dune Rats was an annoyance, the worst clash of the whole day has to be the one between Mariachi El Bronx on the Hot Produce stage and Battles on the Essential Stage, with only five minutes between the start times for the two acts. Given […]

Big Day Out @ Gold Coast Parklands, 22.01.2012 – Part 2

There’s been a lot of criticism about this year’s Big Day Out lineup, in particular just how many acts have been quickly recycled from last year’s festival lineups. It does seem worse than in previous years as the number of quickly recycled overseas acts has increased but (at least to me) it’s always been a […]

Big Day Out @ Gold Coast Parklands, 22.01.2012 – Part 1

Having only finally been accredited to photograph Big Day Out for the first time last year, at the seventh attempt of trying, 2012 finds me back there again with little difficulty. Maybe the heavily-criticised line-up helped dissuade photographers from applying this year to cover it.  With there being no Sunset Sounds this year, after the pre-Brisbane […]

Bon Iver @ The Tivoli, 15.03.2012

I photographed Bon Iver the last time he played in Brisbane, at the same venue as he’s playing tonight, except this time around he’s playing three sold out nights at The Tivoli versus the one show back in 2009. It was a good show, a surprising show in a lot of ways as I didn’t think much […]

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot @ The Tivoli, 28.03.2012

Having photographed Duran Duran a couple of weeks ago, requesting to cover Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot Tour was going back even further into my musical past. Considering that The Stray Cats hit in the big time in 1980 and I was 8, my musical history doesn’t go a whole lot earlier. Having put in for it, it […]