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Splendour In The Grass – Thursday

All packed and all set for the weekend. At least I hope I am… Worked out my plan for the weekend earlier in the week and it looks like this. Saturday Sunday That’s the plan anyway, although not sure if it will happen; it largely depends on bands starting on time and ease of movement […]

FNQ – 20,000mm Under The Sea

Although work probably takes me up to Cairns two or three times a year I rarely seem to have the time to take a few days holiday and make the most of being out of Brisbane. Although I still didn’t have the time I decided that this time I would take a couple of days […]

FNQ – Cooktown

Whilst my week in the historic Far North Queensland town of Cooktown was for work, I did get some time to have a bit of a look around. When I first got there on the Sunday I had a walk down the riverfront and around the town and my work finished up early on the Thursday […]

FNQ – Cairns to Cooktown

Work took me up to Cooktown in Far North Queensland for a week. Although it’s a short flight from Cairns to Cooktown I decided to take the more leisurely drive up there. I don’t mind flying but when work takes me away from Brisbane I prefer to drive, take in the scenery and have a […]

theredsunband + Z Rays + Sienna @ The Globe

theredsunband were one of the first batch of bands I saw when I first moved to Sydney, although I can’t remember the occasion. I know I saw them play at the album launch for their first album at @Newtwon in October 2004 with The Red Riders supporting, and think that my first time of seeing […]

Masters of Music Photography: Part 4 – Anton Corbijn

Although I wouldn’t strictly describe Anton Corbijn as a music photographer, even though it was where he started, his photography has always been a huge inspiration and has a large part to play in me wanting to do music photography. U2 were the first band I really got into and saw in concert, Cardiff Arms […]

4ZZZ Tater Stomp @ The Troubadour with Dick Desert and Texas Kate

Another last minute request to cover a show, this time the second night of the 4ZZZ Tater Stomp at The Troubadour. Like most photographers I am a very wary Troubadour photographer and it comes bottom of the list for requesting shows to cover unless it’s someone that I really, really want to see. Whilst it’s […]

The Great 2005 Australian Tour Revisited

I recently dusted off my laptop and switched on my laptop for the first time in over a year – I normally use my desktop at home and work laptop if away with work. Whilst looking through the drives to remember what I had stored on their I re-discovered some of the photos I took […]