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Chinese Burns + The Dangermen @ The Beetle Bar, 11.08.2012

My good friend and fellow photographer, Brad Marsellos, is down from Bundaberg and in town for a show with his band Chinese Burns. Although I’d seen his other band, The Hymies, play plenty of times in Brisbane down the years, I can’t recall ever seeing Chinese Burns before and was keen to go and see them […]

Tiny Spiders + Undead Apes + Golden Bats + Green Nose @ The Waiting Room, 03.08.2012

The Tiny Spiders album has been one of my favourite albums so far this year and has been on regular play, for days on end at times, since it was first came out. I got it through the band’s bandcamp page as part of a 12″ vinyl & t shirt package, with the album download available for […]

Splendour In The Grass @ Belongil Fields, Friday 27 July 2012

First it was on, then it was off, then it was maybe, then it was most definitely off again. For a while it looked like I might be heading down to Sydney for a one night sideshow, but with the flights getting more expensive by the day, eventually that plan priced itself out of reckoning, leaving the […]