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Emma Dean & Tara Simmons

Some photos from a gig at The Globe last month that got missed and have been sat on my hard drive. Is hard getting photos of pianists/keyboard players; even though they don’t move, they always seem to lean in close on the mic so that you always get it obscuring half their face, and from […]

Howling Bells + The Temper Trap

This was the third time of seeing Howling Bells (after the 2006 shows at The Rev and The Columbian) and definitely the best of the three shows.  It was also the second time that I’d seen The Temper Trap and was good to see them for more than the three songs that saw them for […]

60 seconds with Beyonce

Originally we were told we would get 2 songs from the mixing desk.  On the train out to the BEC got a phone call from the Sony rep to say this had now become 60 seconds from the mixing desk – as in the roughly 60 seconds it took Beyonce to walk to the centre […]

Random March Photos

Apart from moving house at the start of March also managed to tear myself away from unpacking to get up to the Valley to see a few things. A few here and more on flickr. Bellrays Vegas Kings Comets On Fire Grey Datsuras Scul Hazzards The Slits Japanther