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Broken Hill: On The Road Again

Was working down in Mildura for a couple of weeks at the start of December, so took a 300km each way trip up to Broken Hill for the middle weekend.  Been there before during my big 2005 road trip round a large chunk of Australia and liked it – it was more what I was […]

Amanda Palmer

My last gig of last year was Amanda Palmer at The Zoo (After two years photographing Falls Festival over New Year decided to have a break this year and spent New Year in Sydney with friends). As have been away from Brisbane a lot recently have missed out on a lot of gigs that normally […]

2007 – That Was The Year That Was

Just been going through my diary and doing a tally of who/what I’ve photographed this year. And it looks like this: Expatriate Bob Log III Handsome Family Vashti Bunyan The Follow Love Is All Bellrays Comets On Fire The Slits Overcranked V Festival Little Barrie Emma Dean Gin Club Nation Blue Midnight Juggernauts Beyonce Howling […]