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4ZZZ Market Day 2006

Some photos from last Saturday’s 4ZZZ Market Day shindig at the RNA Showgrounds. A few below and the rest of them (193 photos of 18 or so of the 72 bands that played) are here. Violent Soho I Heart Hiroshima Sekiden The Gin Club SixFtHick The Meanies Jump 2 Light Speed CurseOvDialect


Since I started this photography lark there has been one band above all bands that I have wanted to photograph.  They were one of the first bands I ever got into (as in buying all the albums, the 12″s for the extra tracks, the dodgy live bootleg tapes etc) and, more importantly, they were the […]

Mean Streaks

Took some photos of The Mean Streaks at The Zoo last Thursday night. Although did a few of them at Ric’s a couple weeks back (between Wolf & Cub and Mercy Arms at The Zoo), I realised that haven’t photographed them properly since Coolangatta when they played their last show with Faker, Van She and […]

The Drones + Darling Downs

One of my favourite photographers is Anton Corbijn I bought his U2 and i book earlier in the year as a birthday present to myself and it’s been a great source of inspiration and envy in recent months. (Note to bands: if any of you are planning on world domination please can you let me […]

Hard-Fi + Vanlustbader

I photographed Hard-Fi and Vanlustbader at The Arena last night. Thanks to the joys of promoter contracts I can’t show you the photos but they’re here. I was only allowed to photograph in the first 3 songs. I was walking out the pit at the start of Vanlustbader’s 4th song when whoever was running the […]