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Deerhunter + The Rational Academy @ The Zoo

I will admit to be an occasional Pitchfork reader.  I still hate the layout and the font size is still far too small and the wrong colour, but maybe once a week I’ll remember to go and have a look and read a few reviews.  If the physical act of reading reviews on their site wasn’t […]

Wolf & Cub @ The Zoo

Tonight is a lesson in how not to photograph a gig. As it’s a Friday, a Thursday night decision is made to take my camera gear to work and go straight out, first to the Bleeding Heart Gallery‘s Knock-Off Drinks before heading onto The Zoo.  However, forgetting to take my 28-70mm and only realising at 5pm that all […]

Ladytron @ The Hi-Fi

Six weeks after the opening of the Hi-Fi Brisbane to a generally less than impressed audience, Ladytron‘s second Brisbane show in less than nine months means a return to the venue.  To be honest not a lot more progress seems to have been made in those six weeks; the paint smell might have gone but […]

The Middle East + Little Scout @ The Old Museum

Despite the ever-growing acclaim and apparent international record label interest, I will admit to be slightly disappointed by The Middle East‘s debut release, ‘The Recordings of The Middle East‘. However, much of this disappointment stems by placing ‘Blood‘ as the middle song on a 5-track EP, raising the bar to such a high level that it almost makes the last […]