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Bluebottle Kiss + The Gin Club

Some photos from the Bluebottle Kiss gig at The Rev a couple weekends ago. Normal service was restored as far as the lighting at The Rev goes, which was a shame and the usual frustrating experience. The Gin Club supported and included Danica making her debut singing with them. Few photos below and more on […]

The Exploders + The Gin Club + Little Lovers

Some more photos that have been sat on my hard drive for a while. This was a warm up gig for The Exploders before they played at Splendour In The Grass a few days later. They should turn the lights on a bit more often at The Rev… A few below and more on flickr […]

Exhibition No. 1

My exhibition at Ric’s finished on Sunday. Thanks to everyone who said nice stuff to me about my photos. And extra super thanks to the people that bought photos; I’m really flattered and honoured that you thought that highly of my photos to think them good enough to hang on your walls. I’ll probably do […]

Arctic Monkeys

I photographed Arctic Monkeys last night at The Arena. I’d been looking forward to it but it, especially as The Grates were supporting. But then I got told that had to be there at 9pm to be escorted in, and then be escorted out after the first three songs. So no Grates photos. And had […]

Howling Bells

I have been away with work to Cairns, then been really busy writing up reports to meet deadlines, then only had the mental capacity to mong out and watch bad tv and play ISS Pro 5. So there’s a few things on my hard drive that I’ve not gotten around to sorting out. First up […]