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New Toy

When I was away working in Bendigo last month I was having a walk around at lunch and, as I was passing, decided to pop into Cash Converters and see if they had anything interesting/cheap. So it was a bit of a surprise to see this: A Minolta f2.8 28 – 70. Obviously being a […]

Abbey Medieval Festival

Got dragged along to the Abbey Medieval Festival near Cabooolture for a day back in July. ‘Medieval’ being a bit of a loose term relating to a period of 600 years or so judging by the costumes and shows… Took camera as usual, wanted to get some jousting photos but it was impossible to get […]

Tim Rogers

Photographed Tim Rogers at The Powerhouse last week. Got there at 8:30pm and managed to only just get in time, having already missed The Hampdens, who were supporting. Have experienced The Powerhouse before and it’s not the best for photographing. Was in the Powerhouse Theatre, which although an impressive room is always very dark. But, […]

Butcher Birds Do Melbourne – Part 1

At the end of August ended up flying down to Melbourne and hanging out with the Butcher Birds for a couple days. Was much fun, even if there was nowhere near enough sleep, largely due to getting the 0615 flight down and having an action packed Friday which ended with the 2am show at The […]

Parklife 2007

Photographed Parklife when it passed through Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. Not quite sure why I said I’d do it: me and dance music are generally two mutually exclusive entities… I think it was because I was asked, and flattery gets you everywhere… Despite not really looking forward to it, I actually enjoyed it […]

Nation Blue

In a recent blog I mentioned when the Nation Blue played The Troubadour and that at ISO1600 with a f.17 50mm lens it was still saying that needed 1/25 second. So nothing much good came out, hence why these photos have never seen the light of day. Took some shots with good old HP5 at […]

Batrider + Scul Hazzards

Originally wasn’t going to this but ended up doing some promo shots in the Valley earlier in the evening and just ended up staying around. Had my camera with me and despite my well known love of photographing at The Troubadour decided to get a few shots. The lighting wasn’t as bad as the ISO1600, […]

The Darkside of Ryan Adams

First two songs, no flash from the back of the room, which turned out to be the lighting desk at the front of the balcony. Still a long way from the stage. The kindly lighting guy warned us it was gonna be dark, and gave a little laugh… He wasn’t wrong… Although what was possibly […]

Heaven & Hell

Heaven and Hell played at the BEC back in mid-August. Had the usual palaver getting to the BEC on the train with the building work at Brunswick Street so made sure I got there really early. Went for a walk around and a drink when I got there to kill time and managed to miss […]

Bah to The National Photographic Portrait Prize…

So, I put in a couple of photos for the National Photographic Portrait Competition, but as the time you’d be notified if you’d made the final 60 has long since passed, I’m guessing I’m not gonna have my photo exhibited in the National Gallery in Canberra and I’m not in the running for the $25,000 […]