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Texas Tea + Shifting Sands + Johnny & The Fembots @ Black Bear Lodge, 09.06.2013

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen Black Bear Lodge (the old Troubadour) this busy.  It’s Texas Tea last show until 2014, with the band heading off for a European tour and then Kate heading off to Sweden for the year, which hopefully brought in a fair number of people.  It’s also the Sunday […]

No Anchor + Ø + Vassals @ The Waiting Room, 31.05.2013

Another evening at The Waiting Room and another chance to force myself to only use my f1.7 50mm lens again. The trouble with using it tonight is that it’s very restrictive in a busy, small venue. As a prime lens, it’s a lens where you have to use your feet rather than adjust the focal […]

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead @ Consiston Lane, 24.05.2013

Compared to a lot of the press releases that fill my inbox on a daily basis, the news that Trail Of The Dead were playing a Source Tags and Codes tour and playing a show in Brisbane was an email that I was more than happy to receive. However, even in the days leading up […]

Super Wild Horses + Day Ravies + The Kramers @ Black Bear Lodge, 17.05.2013

Amazingly there has been some recent discussion regarding whether you should bother going to see the support bands.  It might be just me, but it seems like there’s been noticeable decline in music writing in the first half of 2013.  There’s very little in the way of creative writing or developed and considered prose; it’s […]

Matt & Kim + Citizen Kay + Tiger Beams @ The Zoo, 09.05.2013

Although I’d done a couple of interviews for Rave as their go-to person for taking to people about photography, and in fact my first ever effort wound up being the feature story, I’d never done a Q&A before.  Having been offered one with Matt & Kim, and with no one else showing any interest, I […]

Occults + Rule Of Thirds + Keep On Dancin’s + Screaming Match @ Black Bear Lodge, 02.05.2013

I had it in my diary that Keep On Dancin’s were playing tonight but it wasn’t until the day of the gig that Facebook showed a four band show.  Keep On Dancin’s launching a cassette single, while the two bands ahead of them on the bill, Adelaide’s Rule of Thirds and Brisbane’s Occults were both […]

God Bows To Math + Tiny Spiders + Undead Apes + Roku Music @ The Waiting Room, 27-04-2013

Go to any photography forum or ask any music photographer and the advice they’ll just about all give you is to make the first lens you buy a 50mm f1.7.  The famous and seemingly well regarded ‘Nifty Fifty’. However, despite this being the general consensus among photographers, I’ve always hated my 50mm f1.7 lens and […]

Dig It Up! 2013 – Hoodoo Gurus + Blue Oyster Cult + Flamin’ Groovies @ The Tivoli, 18.04.2013

When I used to photograph for Rave, I made myself a name as the photographer who was more interested in photographing ‘old time’ acts.  Obviously part of this is an age thing, and wanting to photograph acts who were part of my musical heritage when I was growing up, but it’s also partly about photographing […]

The Mark Of Cain + Blacklevel Embassy + The Sea Shall Not Have Them @ The Hi-Fi, 21.03.2013

I always feel awkward at gigs where a band plays to a small crowd but where I’m stood right at the front photographing.  It’s worse in venues where there isn’t a front barrier as at least the steelwork provides some separation between the band and the crowd and your own little area to work in.  […]