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I’m (Not) With Rolling Stone

It’s kinda ironic that a few hours after getting an email from the Editor at Rolling Stone to ask me to send him some photos for next month’s magazine I got the email from VRaw saying that I was unsuccessful with my application for the RS freelance photographer job…. Oh well, it wasn’t exactly much […]

Pig City: This Perfect Day

Last Saturday was the Pig City Festival at University of Queensland. When I moved to Brisbane a couple years ago someone recommended the book to me and not knowing anything about the city it was a bit of an eye-opener to find out what a mess the place was in until fairly recently. It was […]

Magic Dirt + Violent Soho + Gyanism

Some photos from the Magic Dirt gig at The Zoo a couple weeks back. Magic Dirt gone a lot more rock and noise since the last (and first) time I saw them at The Annandale about 2 1/2 years ago. Been told they were more like this back in the day. Violent Soho, still being […]

Dinosaur Jr

Photographed Dinosaur Jr at The Tivoli last Friday night. Surprisingly had never seen them before, and there aren’t many other bands of that ilk and from that time that I can say that about. If I could have been bothered to go with my ex-housemate to the Rollercoaster tour in 1992 (i think) at Whitely […]