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Diamond Nights + Flamingo Crash

The Troubadour – the best sound in Brisbane, the nicest owners/bar staff/door bitches, a really great venue all round….BUT the worst lighting. Kinda like one of those black holes that sucks all the light out of the known universe… Is my new ambition in life to take a decent set of photos there. An improvement […]

Beasts Of Bourbon + SixFtHick + Mary Trembles

A great night out with Beasts of Bourbon, SixFtHick and Mary Trembles last Saturday at QUT. Since I saw/heard them for the first time at this year’s BDO had been looking forward to the chance to shoot them. Didn’t get a wristband at the door but was happy enough shooting from the crowd, from behind […]

Flash-ahhhh with Wulvs and The Hi-Waves

Dusted off my expensive and flash…errr….flash and took it out for a test drive at the Wulvs and Hi-Waves gig at Fat Louie’s a few weeks back. Only the second time that I’ve have tried it out. And it shows. Much more practice needed… Was trying to do some slow sync stuff but it’s more […]

Augie March + Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males

A bit late-coming with these photos, but had problems uploading them to the website (Gig was back on the 3rd May). Photos are a bit meh. I’d give them a pretty average 5/10. Always tough doing sold out gigs with no photo pit as I prefer to be a bit back from the stage and […]

Cosmic Psychos + Sixfthick

The usual Saturday night trials and tribulations. Gf out with mates, 1 1/2 hours late back, and drunk. So by the time we get to The Zoo have missed Dick Nasty and half of Sixfthick. Worse mosh pit ever. Am just too old for that stuff these days. And it’s even worse when stood there […]