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Kasabian + Little Red @ The Riverstage 25-07-10

The chance to see and photograph a band that has won Best Live Act awards seems like an interesting prospect on paper.  When it comes to reality it’s a whole different ball game: In fact, based on this, how Kasabian have managed to be nominated for, let alone win awards for their live show, defies […]

Sally Seltmann + Parades + Little Scout @ The Zoo 09-07-10

Although Sally Seltmann is the headliner tonight, it’s clear that Parades are the drawcard, with Seltmann playing to a much smaller audience than the main support act. Whilst Parades are an interesting and intriguing band and have a lot of good things going for them, there’s something about them that just hard to actually like, […]

Boy & Bear + Oh Ye Denver Birds + The Chemist @ The Troubadour

Although The Troubadour has sold out well in advance, and everyone is here to see Boy & Bear, it’s Oh Ye Denver Birds who are the most interesting band on show tonight. Sandwiched between the headliners and opening act, The Chemist, they’re interesting because of the mix of instruments, the mix of influences and because, […]

The Gin Club + Rocketsmiths + Ridgeback County @ The Troubadour

Tonight is the third of three consecutive nights The Gin Club has sold out The Troubadour, albeit with a reduced capacity of 100 (as opposed to the venue’s more traditional 200 person capacity). Whilst the band have their reasons for wanting to do this, from a commercial point of view it probably doesn’t make a […]

Chris Bailey + Ed Kuepper @ The Troubadour 13-05-2010

The prospect of Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper playing a series of mini-residencies – a three week tour, three shows a week, one each in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne at the same venues in each city – is an interesting and intriguing one, even though, based on past experience you know what you’re going to […]

Me vs Splendour In The Grass 2010

Having photographed Splendour In The Grass in 2008 and 2009, I find myself in an interesting position for 2010. I have a free media pass but because Mess+Noise (who I’m covering the festival for) forgot to apply for a photo pit pass before the deadline and before all of the passes were allocated, I don’t […]

Mark Lanegan @ The Zoo 06-07-10

As much as I really like Mark Lanegan, and all the music he’s been involved with, he’s not an easy subject to photograph, preferring to perform in extreme darkness with his eyes tightly shut.  The cause isn’t helped tonight by being at The Zoo, which doesn’t have a photo pit and choosing the wrong side […]

I Used To Skate Once 6 @ The Zoo 24-06-2010

With the best part of 90 minutes to kill before Hope Sandoval is due to start her set at The Tivoli, I Used To Skate Once 6 down the road at The Zoo means that I have something to do whilst I wait. Although previous years’ events have always been in my diary, this is […]

Teenage Wolves @ Young Bloods #1, The Legion Club 02-07-10

I popped into Young Bloods #1 at The Legion Club on Friday night to check out the headline act, Teenage Wolves, as I’d been hearing good thing about them, even though they’ve only been around since the end of last year and have only played a handful of gigs. I’d never been to The Legion Club […]