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Massive Attack @ The Riverstage 23-03-2010

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but three songs consisting of two songs sung by 3D singing in a mixture of dark and smoke from behind his keyboards in the middle of the stage and a third song (Babel) sung by Martina Topley Bird, who at least was stood at the front of the stage, even […]

The Thin Kids + Velociraptor @ The Troubadour 24-02-10

Tonight is the full debut of Everett True’s latest musical collaboration, The Thin Kids, after a guest spot during The Legend!‘s support set at the recent Cribs show at The Zoo.  I caught the very end of it but with not enough time to photograph it. How you take tonight very much influences your verdict on proceedings and […]

Spandau Ballet + Tears For Fears @ The BEC 27-04-10

If you’d told me 25 years ago that one day I’d be photographing Spandau Ballet and Tears For Fears I would never have believed you.  (And then I probably would have gone “Spandau Ballet? Ugh!”).  But that’s what I find myself doing tonight at the BEC (my first time photographing at the venue since John […]

Mess Hall + Bridezilla + Cabins @ The Zoo 13-03-10

Tonight is a night that really highlights everything that’s wrong about the three songs, no flash rule. The night gets off to a good start as I’m let in for free despite not covering the gig – I do keep my promise to spend the saved money on merch, buying both the Mess Hall and […]

Wilco + Liam Finn @ The Tivoli 30-04-10

I was so looking forward to FINALLY getting so Wilco and so ever so slightly gutted when security kicked me out after three songs on the orders of the band’s management that photographers couldn’t stay for the show unless they had a separate ticket.  In retrospect I should have shown them the email from the […]

Henry Rollins @ The Powerhouse 20-04-10

It’s always the way; you turn up to a gig expecting to maybe get 10 minutes of photographing before you’re escorted from the premises and without warning not only do they give you a ticket to stay for the whole show but they’ve also thrown in a very unexpected +1.  And with 10 minutes to […]

Kid Sam + Deep Sea Arcade @ The Troubadour 20-04-10

Although I did see a few Kid Sam songs at this year’s Laneway Festival, I will admit that choosing to request this show was largely a result of them being nominated for the Australian Music Prize, just in case they won the award at the previous week’s winner’s announcement. In the end, rightly or wrongly the […]