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Joan As Police Woman @ The Globe

There was a two-song limit in place for photographing Joan As Police Woman. But not something sensible like Songs One and Two or Two and Three; instead it was the slightly bizarre pairing of Songs Two and Five. In retrospect there was some method to this madness, as these songs gave the differing opportunites of […]

The Best Seat In The House

My work recently located from Milton to a new 12 storey building in the Valley. I ended up being given a corner seat on the 12th floor. My view kind of looks like this. Sometimes it’s hard to get much work done…

We Are Scientists + Bluejuice @ The Zoo

This night was one of those very rare occasions at The Zoo when you’re given a photo pass and told “first three, no flash”. Whilst I can deal with this “industry standard”, it is a pain when it’s at a small venue without a photo pit and without much in the way of lighting. Support […]

New Pornographers @ The Zoo

I confess: bar a tune or two, New Pornographers were a band I mainly knew by reputation and recommendation. 100 or so minutes and two encores later I’m a true convert with a copy of their latest album, ‘Challengers‘ in my bag and money burning a hole in my pocket until I can get myself down […]