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Laneway 2013 @ RNA Showgrounds, Friday 1 February 2013 – Part 1

Laneway is usually one of the high points of the festival season (with the exception of last year’s rain affected shambles). It’s just about the only festival, if not the only festival, where you get to see some new bands and not the same-old, same-old festival fodder that all the other major festivals put on […]

Deadshits 4 – Woods + Hunx & His Punx + Black Realm vs Naked On The Vague + Kitchens Floor @ The Zoo, 25.01.2013

A very last minute arranged trip to The Zoo for the latest edition of Deadshits. Although I’d photographed Deadshits #1 and Deadshits #2, and taken a bunch of photos that I really like, I didn’t make it to #3.  Looking at a line-up that included Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Absolute Boys, Angel Eyes, Kitchen’s Floor, […]