ATP Nightmare Before Xmas 2009 – Friday Quick Round-Up

The plan for ATP Nightmare Before Xmas was to edit all the photos from the weekend, write all the blogs and have everything uploaded by the end of the following week.  However, the Monday and the Friday were lost to moving chalets, the Wednesday was the steam train trip along the coast and nothing much got done on the Tuesday and Thursday.  Then a various bouts of extreme tiredness, flu, apathy and Christmas/family stuff meant that it’s been very slow going.  The main lesson learnt is probably don’t do 10 days of music festival and don’t photograph 60 bands in that time (I didn’t have a pit pass for the 10 Years of ATP weekend but no one seemed bothered about people with cameras in the crowd apart from the one security guard during the Dirty Three, so photographed a few bands over the second weekend from outside the pit).

Here’s some from Day 1, with more on the way and proper blog posts when I get around to those and the other 21 blogs that I’ve still got to start/finish.  So much for catching up on everything whilst on holiday and starting the New Year with no backlog of photos and blog posts. 

Josh T Pearson

De La Soul

Primal Scream

Television Personalities

My Bloody Valentine


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