Augie March + Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males

A bit late-coming with these photos, but had problems uploading them to the website (Gig was back on the 3rd May).

Photos are a bit meh. I’d give them a pretty average 5/10. Always tough doing sold out gigs with no photo pit as I prefer to be a bit back from the stage and although 5 minutes before the band come on you have a great view you still always end up with someone taller than you stood right in front of you.

Did most of the photos from the left-hand side of the stage but didn’t get far when decided to go around to the other side. So the long shots of the drummer and guitarist were done from the pool table. The joys of the f2.8 70-200 1.5x you get with a digital that hasn’t got a full frame sensor. A few below, more here.

Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males


Augie March

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