Day Four: The Mean Streaks Do Coolangatta

Almost didn’t make it for this one due to my neighbour blocking my car in but eventually managed to squeeze out, with only a teeny tiny detour via the back wall…

The Mean Streaks were on ridiculously early, being a Sunday night and all. Luckily it was so early that the lighting guy obviously hadn’t turned up yet so they just had all the lights on. Meant that there was light on the drum riser for once so made a real effort to get a decent photo of T-Bone.

The band were planning on leaving ASAP after they had played but got delayed thanks to lift trouble. Decided to stick around for the rest of the bands but the lighting guy had obviously turned up by this point so the other three bands played in semi-darkness.

So with a combination of darkness, soberness, tiredness and the unpleasant thought of the drive back to Brisbane the rest of the photos weren’t exactly…….very good. And let’s leave it at that.

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