Frankly! It’s A Pop Festival @ Brisbane Powerhouse, 04.09.2011

Another year, another Frankly! and, like last year, another Frankly where I didn’t keep any notes or write any tweets of what happened during the day.

Looking through my list of posts yet to be written, a sizeable chunk of them are festivals, and this is normally true at any time.  Photographing festivals is hard work when you take the approach of making the most of a photo pass, rather than the alternative of coming in later in the day and shooting a few of the big name acts towards the top of the bill.  The aftermath is worse than your average gig, with the physical side of being on site for the day only telling half the story of the work that goes in to photographing a festival, and so getting around to blogging about them nearly always ends up being left to last and a often long time after the actual event.  In a lot of ways it’s also hard to write much as at most festivals you see a band for the three songs you’re photographing and then move on to the next stage.

With only one stage, Frankly isn’t like that and the lack of words is a lot more to do with the busy time of year: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday had been BigSound, the Friday night was the Trail Of The Dead show at The Hi-Fi, Frankly was on the Saturday and then I was back to Melbourne for work first thing Sunday morning.  It’s the same every year, and it’s the same reason why there were no words to write about the 2010 Frankly.

One thing I’ve always liked about Frankly was that it was a daytime event and all over by about 7:30pm and the rest of the night was yours to do whatever you wanted.  Having eagerly put in to cover it again this year, it was a surprise to find that the event had been shifted to the evening, with the first act not until 6:30pm.  It didn’t seem to affect numbers and once again there was a more than healthy turnout.  As has become expected, Blank Realm were a highlight from the early early evening.  The Twerps were too twee for me and Wet Hair just not really my thing.  I enjoyed LA Vampires, especially from a photographic point of view, but the later start and the need to get home and get ready to fly down to Victoria in the morning meant that I didn’t get to see all of their set.

Although I’m always keen to photograph Frankly, I’m hoping they shift it back to being a daytime event in 2012.

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