Ghost Notes + Winternationale + Pale Earth @ The Waiting Room, 04.10.2014


The final show at The Waiting Room.  It always felt that the DIY scene that I first found at 610 when I moved to Brisbane matured to the Hangar in Paddington and then progressed to the Waiting Room.  It probably explains why I’ve been seeing the same people at shows for the last decade, even though many of them I’ve never talked to and don’t even know their names.  The closing of the Waiting Room as a venue is, from what I see, the end of the era of regular DIY/BYO venues in Brisbane.  Real Bad Records in Moorooka did a few occasional shows but I think that they’ve also closed down now.

It’s a real shame but there’s no stuffing the juggernauts that are corporatisation of the music scene and gentrification.  Although I pass by the old 610 building just about every day, I’ve no idea what it’s used for inside.  Looking at the state of the Valley these days, it seems incredible to think what was going on inside only a few years ago.

It’s a fitting final show, with Ghost Notes an appropriate final headliner.  It was never my favourite venue to photograph in, but it will be missed.

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