Gold Class + Per Purpose + Pleasure Symbols @ The Foundry, 04.12.2015

The first day of Gigmas continues with Gold Class at The Foundry, which is basically the after show from the 4ZZZ Birthday party at the Old Museum.  By the time I get here, I’ve already missed the opening 100%  but get to see the rest of the night’s bands.

The last time I saw GC was at Ric’s for BigSound.  It must be so dispiriting to be awarded a showcase and then find yourself playing at the tiny room that is Ric’s, even more so if you’re a Brisbane act and know what venues you potentially could be playing in.  Sadly Ric’s isn’t the place it was when I first moved to Brisbane.  I always felt it was a goldmine waiting to happen but needed some changes in layout and (in the later days) in attitude.  Some of those things happened when it was taken over, it’s just a shame that essentially it was take over by the wrong people.

The problem with holding BigSound showcases at Ric’s is that the place is always packed, and it doesn’t exactly take many people for that to happen, so unless you were there most of the night, you didn’t get in.  I did manage to squeeze myself in to see a tiny bit of Gold Class but only for a song or so.  Photographing in Ric’s isn’t fun at the best of times (despite the massive lighting rig they have), and it becomes a bit of a lost cause.  I had hoped to finally see Goon Sax when they had their showcase there, but I was nowhere near getting into the beer garden, let alone the building, and it was the same with Jaala.

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