Moon Duo + Dreamtime + Grinding Eyes @ The Zoo, 09.12.2015

And so to the fifth day of gigmas.

From a packed Triffid last night, it’s a much less packed Wednesday night at The Zoo. Depressingly, it’s only my second gig at The Zoo this year (excluding popping in for some of the BigSound showcases. The only other time I was here during 2015 was for ZA!, all the way back in January at the night of my first shows of the year. Given this place has often been my second home for much of the time I’ve been photographing in Brisbane, it’s astonishing that I’ve hardly set foot in the place in the last 12 months.

It’s one of those shows where the lighting gets worse as the night goes on, especially as Grinding Eyes have all the stage lights on for their first song until they asked for them to be turned down/off. By the time Moon Duo play, it’s minimal lighting with a lot of psychedelic animations and patterns being projected on the stage’s backdrop. Playing with no lights is the new blue LED lighting is the new red light.

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