Neon Indian @ The Zoo, 01.03.2012

Having accepted a last minute request to photograph Jessie J over the other side of town at The Riverstage, I miss both of tonight’s support bands – Argentina (given Sean Penn’s, Roger Walter’s and now Morrissey’s comments, I wonder what their view of the Falkland Islands is?) and YesYou. I get to The Zoo just as Neon Indian are setting up but have to make sure that I haven’t missed the start as they’re doing the old Spiritalized Pure Phase trick of playing a keyboard drone through the PA while they’re doing their final checks.

Bizarrely there’s very little to say about the night other than the fact that I really enjoy it. I think having been to a big Riverstage gig for Jessie J, it feels like a postscript to the night, an after-work time to relax, have a couple of drinks and watch a band. Obviously missing both support acts and only getting to the venue mere minutes before they are due to start means that there’s no build-up or waiting around.  And as if I couldn’t love going to The Zoo to see a gig, they’ve increased their cider stocks since I was last there and now have bottles of Bulmers, both apple and pear varieties. So I have a couple of pear ciders, take a few quick photos and just relax and enjoy the band. The photos don’t seem to be very sharp so maybe I’m just a bit too relaxed. Or maybe it’s just the camera stabilisation on my camera that hasn’t worked for months and means I can’t get away with the low shutter speeds I used to be able to use.  Either way, good little gig.

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