Twitter Updates for 2008-08-02

  • Got in early with my media pass. Hanging with the sniffer dogs at the gate waiting for them to be opened and the masses to run through. … #
  • It’s a bit hard trying to do photos of the crowd coming in when the police and sniffer dogs keep busting people in frame… #
  • The day is off to a bad start. They gave me a Van She fluoro pink wristband at the gate… #
  • And we’re off. Although i’m ligging in the VIP Bar waiting for a fluoro pit vest… #
  • Went to the wrong stage for Galvatrons and missed start. All their songs sound like Jump by Van Halen #
  • Tokyo police club? Why do dew process sign so much gash when there are loads of good brisbane bands? #
  • Disappointed with BlueJuice. prob better before singer broke arm and leg. #
  • Fuck. Just caught last minute of delta spirit and it was amazing. BlueJuice was a bad choice. #
  • Ok. So i just shot 4 bands on multi seg metering. That explains so much… #
  • Lightspeed champion was ok. Nice shorts… Houdouken are late. Still sound checking… #
  • Hadouken are a Pop Will Eat Itself for Gen Y. But without the humour… #
  • The Music. Going off. Had to shoot Gin club from crowd. Security in that tent not helpful. #
  • Missed Gyroscope. Bloody PR… #
  • The Drones=awesome. Heard Fratellis not playing and living end next… #
  • All that wait and for that… Great drummer tho. Curry and rose lassi sorting me out. #
  • Cold war kids. Meh. Hand movements c/o joe cocker. Is cold tho #
  • Band of Horses. Another highlight of the day. Gotta run. Living End next. #
  • They’ve only got one CD on site. Coldplay has been on repeat all day… #
  • Spree sounded good but were 20 mins late so oly did 1 song. In pit for devo #
  • Late devo = no Tricky. Who i really wanted to see. Looked dark tho so prob not missed good photos #
  • 1.22am must be time for bed. Alarm for 6am to start editing. Zzzz #
  • Morning campers. In world of pain. Everything hurts. Really tired #

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