Broken Hill: On The Road Again

Was working down in Mildura for a couple of weeks at the start of December, so took a 300km each way trip up to Broken Hill for the middle weekend.  Been there before during my big 2005 road trip round a large chunk of Australia and liked it – it was more what I was expecting from the Outback as opposed to the Nullabor, which was just boring scenery.  Having been there twice now I think I’m pretty much over the place.

Drove up on the Friday along the Silver City Highway. Would have liked to have taken the slightly longer scenic route as opposed to the main road, but even though had a shiny new hire car was put off by the 103km of unsealed road that it would have involved, especially as there had been some recent rain.  Wandered around the town and then headed up to the Sculpture Symposium on the edge of town for sunset.  Timed it a bit badly as didn’t realise that the park shut at 8:30pm and only got there at about 7:45pm, with a 20 minute walk to the sculptures meaning that I didn’t get much time to photograph before I had to head back to the car.

Saturday headed over to Silverton and spent most of the afternoon there.  Left for the sculptures earlier this time so that had plently of time to watch the spectacular sunset.

Some photos here and more on flickr.

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