4ZZZ Tater Stomp @ The Troubadour with Dick Desert and Texas Kate

Dick Desert

Another last minute request to cover a show, this time the second night of the 4ZZZ Tater Stomp at The Troubadour.

Like most photographers I am a very wary Troubadour photographer and it comes bottom of the list for requesting shows to cover unless it’s someone that I really, really want to see. Whilst it’s a fantastic venue and post-gig drinking hole, the lighting, even at its very best, is usually really terrible. Sometimes you hit lucky, like I did the last time I photographed here and Bill Callahan was stood in exactly the right place to have some good quality light shining on him, sometimes you don’t, with photographing the Nation Blue last year springing to mind, where ISO 1600, f1.7, and 1/25 was still giving me chronic underexposure and a set of unusable photos.

I photographed the last two acts on Saturday night; Dick Desert And The Shotgun Country Club and Texas Kate. The lighting was average/typical Troubadour fare; my settings were around ISO800, f2.8, 1/50.

The only previous time that I’d seen Dick Desert was a solo show at a Trash Video fundraiser at The Rev all the way back in December 2005. It’s strange that it’s been so long as he’s previously personally requested that Rave send me to photograph when they’ve been covering him; from memory I think once I was away and another time the gig was cancelled last minute.

Was great to see him play again, and Saturday’s show with the Shotgun Country Club was a really fun show of the punk country that Brisbane does so well.

Dick Desert

It was also great to see Texas Kate and catch up with her about the recent Texas Tea European tour. Really looking forward to their new album which is out in November; I did some photos for Mess & Noise when they were recording it last November and it’s just been far too long for something so good to remain under wraps.

Texas Kate

Some more photos on Flickr.

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