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Richmond Fontaine + Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side @ The Troubadour, 29.05.2010

There’s an abundance of bands playing in the Valley tonight – with Texas Tea and Keep On Dancin’s at Ric’s and the R.I.P. Society Records Label Party in the Brunswick Street Mall with Dead Farmers, Royal Headache, Kitchen’s Floor and Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – but I’m at The Troubadour again, the second of two […]

Taasha & Tristan + Timothy Carroll @ The Troubadour 28-05-10

I knew I hadn’t edited the photos from this night but then found that I’d already drafted the post.  It’s strange reading thoughts from 11 months ago, especially when no one knew at the time that The Troubadour would be shutting in November.  With reference to the first couple of lines, The Troubadour ended up […]

Smudge + Little Scout @ The Troubadour, 09-10-10

First published on Collapse Board (19/10/2010). Watching Smudge tonight it’s really hard not to feel incredibly nostalgic. It’s not just that the band are part of the audience’s past, tied to a 1990s discography and not having released an album since 1998’s Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra, but something much deeper than that; it’s a nostalgia for bands like Smudge. […]

Vegas Kings @ The Troubadour, 13-11-2010

An evening of farewells. On one side of Brisbane, down by the river, Powderfinger are playing the final show of their illustrious 20 year career. Surprisingly, given the demand, that is the fourth show at the Riverstage, that it’s the very end and supposed to be sold out, tickets are still on sale at the […]

Boy & Bear + Oh Ye Denver Birds + The Chemist @ The Troubadour

Although The Troubadour has sold out well in advance, and everyone is here to see Boy & Bear, it’s Oh Ye Denver Birds who are the most interesting band on show tonight. Sandwiched between the headliners and opening act, The Chemist, they’re interesting because of the mix of instruments, the mix of influences and because, […]

The Gin Club + Rocketsmiths + Ridgeback County @ The Troubadour

Tonight is the third of three consecutive nights The Gin Club has sold out The Troubadour, albeit with a reduced capacity of 100 (as opposed to the venue’s more traditional 200 person capacity). Whilst the band have their reasons for wanting to do this, from a commercial point of view it probably doesn’t make a […]

Chris Bailey + Ed Kuepper @ The Troubadour 13-05-2010

The prospect of Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper playing a series of mini-residencies – a three week tour, three shows a week, one each in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne at the same venues in each city – is an interesting and intriguing one, even though, based on past experience you know what you’re going to […]

Seja + Otouto @ The Troubadour 22-04-2010

Somewhat strangely Seja chooses a Thursday night for the hometown launch of her debut solo album, We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares, at The Troubadour, with Adelaide and Melbourne shows having happened the previous weekend and the Sydney launch happening the day after Brisbane.   It’s not quite a sell out but is fairly busy […]

The Thin Kids + Velociraptor @ The Troubadour 24-02-10

Tonight is the full debut of Everett True’s latest musical collaboration, The Thin Kids, after a guest spot during The Legend!‘s support set at the recent Cribs show at The Zoo.  I caught the very end of it but with not enough time to photograph it. How you take tonight very much influences your verdict on proceedings and […]

Kid Sam + Deep Sea Arcade @ The Troubadour 20-04-10

Although I did see a few Kid Sam songs at this year’s Laneway Festival, I will admit that choosing to request this show was largely a result of them being nominated for the Australian Music Prize, just in case they won the award at the previous week’s winner’s announcement. In the end, rightly or wrongly the […]

Texas Tea @ The Troubadour 12-03-10

Due to the amount of time I spend there – consistently a third of the gigs I go to each year –  I often think of The Zoo as my second home.  Coming up a close third has to be The Troubadour, and in particular Texas Tea at The Troubadour; the very first band I saw […]

Tiny Vipers @ The Troubadour 03-10-09

If there’s a lesson to be learnt from tonight it’s not to cover two gigs (with eight bands in total) at two different venues, even if they are only afew hundred metres apart.  In a perfect world there wouldn’t have been a problem as the times at the two venues complemented each other almost perfectly, with the set-up […]

Grant Hart @ The Troubadour 10-02-10

Husker Du probably never got their fair dues and although they seem to be one of the few bands that haven’t jumped on the reunion bandwagon in recent times (other than for two songs as part of a benefit for Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller back in 2004), Bob Mould and Grant Hart seem to have […]

Timothy Carroll + Mckisko + Kate Jacobsen @ The Troubadour

As I said at the time, I was very impressed when I first saw Timothy Carroll, when he supported Texas Tea at their album launch last year; a set of really nice songs, with excellent melodies sung beautifully, especially the vocal contributions of The Troubadour’s Corinna Scanlon who I didn’t realise sang up until that […]

Philadelphia Grand Jury + DZ @ The Troubadour

I put in to cover this show more for another chance to see DZ play as opposed to getting to photograph the headline act.  They had their strobe out in force again so took the opportunity to play around with long exposures again, as I had when I’d seen them before.  I was less lazy […]

Washington + Last Dinosaurs @ The Troubadour

I know I’ve blogged previously about photographing keyboard players; it’s the worst and along with saxophonists they’re probably the hardest musicians to get really good photos of.  Not just ok photos, REALLY good photos.  This is possibly because, with a very few exceptions, the keyboard is the most un-rock instrument ever.  So Megan Washington is […]

DZ @ The Troubadour

A friend asked me a few week ago who my favourite new Brisbane band was.  I replied that I didn’t really have one; most the Brisbane bands I like have been around for at least a couple of years and when you become more ‘successful’ in photographing bands, getting the opportunity for higher profile gigs, you sadly lose touch […]

Screamfeeder + Midget + Butcher Birds @ The Troubadour

Even at the time, 1996 was one of the best years of my life: my PhD was beginning to take shape but was in a worry free stage, still years away from having to write up a thesis, living in an amazing share house with great friends, a beautiful hot summer, a feast of football on […]

Gareth Liddiard @ The Troubadour

I think I’ve probably said enough about The Drones on my blog like here, here, here and here.  And knowing that I’m down to cover them again in a couple weeks, when they play the launch night at the new Hi-Fi Bar in West End, I won’t say much about them now, even though a […]

MereNoise Xmas Party

When you’ve got a new camera to test out for the first time, there has to be no better place to take it into battle than the original scene of the crime, every Brisbane photographer’s favourite venue, the black hole that sucks all the light out of the universe, The Troubadour, where MereNoise were holding […]

Jeremy Jay @ The Troubadour

Waking up in the morning and logging-on to find a email from a reputable publication asking if you want to photograph doesn’t happen every day but when it does it’s somewhat exciting. Daunting, but really exciting and pretty thrilling. So, when I got an email from Plan B on Wednesday morning asking if I was […]

Tim Finn @ The Troubadour

Last time Tim Finn played in Brisbane it was with the reformed Split Enz at the 13,500-capcaity Entertainment Centre, so it was a real thrill to get the opportunity to see him play at 200-capcaity The Troubadour this week.  His 75 minute set included songs from his new album, ‘The Conversation‘, plus crowd-pleasing Split Enz favourites (‘I […]

4ZZZ Tater Stomp @ The Troubadour with Dick Desert and Texas Kate

Another last minute request to cover a show, this time the second night of the 4ZZZ Tater Stomp at The Troubadour. Like most photographers I am a very wary Troubadour photographer and it comes bottom of the list for requesting shows to cover unless it’s someone that I really, really want to see. Whilst it’s […]

Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan / smog / (smog) or whatever he’s calling himself this week played at The Troubadour a couple weeks ago. Normally I avoid photographing at The Troubadour due to its darkness but sometimes you just have to make the most of a bad situation to see/photographt the bands you really want to. Plus, there […]