All The News That’s Fit To Print

Thanks to the blog I wrote about Everett True vs The Australian Music Press I’ve had my blog mentioned and linked to on his Guardian and Plan B.

Bit strange to thinking about it really. 

I didn’t have any great plans for it; the lack of critical discourse in Australian music press is just something that interests me and a subject I’m passionate about, so it was just an excuse for getting some stuff off my chest.

It hasn’t been lost on me that my most newsworthy and commented on blog is one that doesn’t have any photos on it…

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  1. Adam Weathered says:

    I think that the opinions of people who attend gigs, read and contribute to street press on a regular basis (and aren’t looking for controversy/look at me B.S.) are valid so people actually want to hear what you have to say on related issues…and it’s probably a fair bit easier to generate comments/conversation from opinions (controversial or not) than it is from photos (no matter how good they are).

    PS. Did I spell controversy/controversial correctly? Not a dumb joke…actually don’t know.

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