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The Thin Kids + Velociraptor @ The Troubadour 24-02-10

Tonight is the full debut of Everett True’s latest musical collaboration, The Thin Kids, after a guest spot during The Legend!‘s support set at the recent Cribs show at The Zoo.  I caught the very end of it but with not enough time to photograph it. How you take tonight very much influences your verdict on proceedings and […]

Vivian Girls + The Legend! & The Deadnotes + Nova Scotia + Feathers @ The Step Inn

Normally when I photograph a show I’ll try and write some quick notes the next morning to help me when I finally get around to writing the blog post.  However, I have gone through a massive phase of not doing this, meaning trying to write posts more than five months after they happened. The most […]

Jeremy Jay @ The Troubadour

Waking up in the morning and logging-on to find a email from a reputable publication asking if you want to photograph doesn’t happen every day but when it does it’s somewhat exciting. Daunting, but really exciting and pretty thrilling. So, when I got an email from Plan B on Wednesday morning asking if I was […]

All The News That’s Fit To Print

Thanks to the blog I wrote about Everett True vs The Australian Music Press I’ve had my blog mentioned and linked to on his Guardian and Plan B. Bit strange to thinking about it really.  I didn’t have any great plans for it; the lack of critical discourse in Australian music press is […]

Everett True vs The Australian Music Press

A quick non-photo post for a change. I was interested and slightly bemused a couple of months ago when I heard that Plan B creator/editor and ex-Melody Maker writer Everett True was relocating from Brighton to Brisbane. As weekly Melody Maker readers back in the day, we all used to hate ET with a passion, […]