Amanda Palmer

My last gig of last year was Amanda Palmer at The Zoo (After two years photographing Falls Festival over New Year decided to have a break this year and spent New Year in Sydney with friends). As have been away from Brisbane a lot recently have missed out on a lot of gigs that normally would have put in for and so have been left with the slots that no one else wanted – surprisingly including this one, which would probably make my list of the Top 5 gigs for the year. Although it was mainly Amanda sitting at a keyboard, extra visuals and caberet were provided by The Danger Ensemble

Her setlist was mainly from her upcoming solo album, and although playing a set consisting of mainly unheard songs is a slightly strange idea they stood up to the more well known Dresden Dolls songs she played. Having said that, I think if I were to hear ‘Coin Operated Boy’ even once more it would be too many times. It’s just one of those songs you like the first few times you hear it but less and less with each repeated listen. Or at least it is for me. Plus I think I’ll scream if I see another band play a cover of ‘Umbrella’ – it seems to be obligatory at every gig at the moment.

Support was the double whammy of TOMB’s favourites The Red Paintings and Emma Dean.

Some photos here and more on flickr.

Amanda Palmer

The Red Paintings

Emma Dean

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