Butcher Birds Do Melbourne – Part 2

Managed to finish going through some of the backlog of photos over Xmas, starting with the Saturday of the Butcher Birds in Melbourne back in September. Not much happened on the Saturday – a day of relaxing after having gotten up at 4:30am the day before to get the plane down, running around Melbourne all day, playing as PBS live show and the 2am slot at The Pony. So everyone went off, did their own thing before regrouping back at the hotel before heading off to The Tote for soundcheck at about tea time.

Went to some dodgy Greek restaurant for tea where they freaked us out by just bringing piles of food out to us without anyone having actually ordered anything and without them telling us how much it was costing, but it was all ok in the end.

Then it was back to The Tote and having to endure a freezing cold Melbourne beer garden at the start of September with the ten-legged cigarette smoking machine that is Butcher Birds…

Ouch My Face were the main support.

Some photos here and more on flickr.

Ouch My Face

Butcher Birds

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