Bitch Prefect + Cured Pink + Primitive Motion @ Black Bear Lodge, 29.11.2013


I was disappointed with the latest Bitch Prefect album and mentioned it to someone that was reviewing it that it made me think that the whole Dolewave sound had gone as far as it could go. Fast forward a few months and it’s been amusing to see a bunch of articles about Dolewave and a whole lot more musing on social media and the music forums. It’s so very Australian music media that there’s suddenly been this glut of writing and analysis, given that the genre’s main protagonists have been around playing in bands and making albums for years, making any attempt to tie the sound into any particular current political/social mood look fairly baseless.

Live, Bitch Prefect are an entirely different prospect and the new songs bristle with an energy and urgency that they just don’t have on recording. Having said that, I still stand by my original prognosis that this genre and sound has more or less reached its natural conclusion.

Cured Pink and Primitive Motion swop positions on the bill from the times that have been advertised on Facebook. I really like the Primitive Motion album but unlike Bitch Prefect, I prefer them on recording as it doesn’t quite transfer to a live setting. The album sounds more layered and is softer sounding than the more stark and harder live sound, something that I think is probably unavoidable when you play live.

I love watching Cured Pink. They don’t play often enough.

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