Blues Control + Blank Realm @ Black Bear Lodge, 10.10.2012

All work and no play.  Sometimes you need to be incentivised to work late into the evening,  knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel (even if it only a short-term, one single evening reward) is heading straight from the office to a show, a well earnt drink and some bands.

A $10 show for three bands is a bargain at anytime, even more so when the headliner is an overseas act.  But truth be told, it’s not Blues Control who are tonight’s drawcard but the supporting Blank Realm.  I had thought that their new album was being released this week, so another reason to go is to check if they have any advance copies on sale.  Sadly there aren’t, only Blues Control merch, but I had got the release date wrong anyway and the new record isn’t out for another week. [I just found out that physical copies of the album have been delayed to 13 November.  The digital version is available and, although I’m old school and need the real thing, $7.92 for the download is a tempting bargain]

Although it’s a night of relaxation, I don’t need an excuse to bring a camera.  In recent visits, the lighting at the Black Bear Lodge has been better than it used to be, but tonight it’s fairly terrible.  Just like old times really.  So I don’t photograph the opening Green Nose and only take a few quick shots from the comfort of my own seat of Blank Realm and Blues Control.  They’re a largely terrible set of photos but that’ll teach me for being lazy and not working harder to get better images.  But that would be more like work and tonight I’m glad of the respite.

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