Day Two: The Mean Streaks Do Brisbane

After the worst night’s sleep ever, largely thanks to drunken backpackers being thrown out the pubs at 3am and getting kebabs at the place across the road from my room, it was up at 7am and to meetings in the Gold Coast. If there was any small consolation it was that didn’t have to share the bed with Mike from The Mean Streaks. Coped with work largely due to McDonald’s sausage and egg mcmuffin meal and coffee, although this had worn out by lunch so was a bit leisurely getting back to the office in Brisbane. Leisurely as in via Ikea to buy bookshelf and a 2 hour lunch sorting out car rego.

But a can of red bull and a kit kat later and was ready to go again. Same bill as in Byron at The Rev in Brisbane.

As had gone for long shots in Byron decided that would use my fave f2.8 70-200 and do close up shots for tonight. And made later decision hat as there had been some ok lighting that would do colour for once. Not sure if these were good choices as have already had death threats from Danica for the photos posted from tonight…

Maybe if have enough time ever might go back and see what they look like in b+w. But I think there’s some cool ones, esp Faker. Was lucky enough to be sat up top on the balcony when they got people up on stage so got some good photos of that.

Anyway a few shots here and more can be seen at: The Rev Photos

The Mean Streaks

The Valentinos



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