Dinosaur Jr

Photographed Dinosaur Jr at The Tivoli last Friday night. Surprisingly had never seen them before, and there aren’t many other bands of that ilk and from that time that I can say that about. If I could have been bothered to go with my ex-housemate to the Rollercoaster tour in 1992 (i think) at Whitely Bay Ice Rink to see JAMC, MBV, Dinosaur Jr and Blur I think I would have picked up most of the bands that have missed out on. Hate to think how many days my ears would have rung for after that lot…

More photos here.

Del Toro

Mary Trembles

Dinosaur Jr

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  1. […] big deal. But you live, you learn. Having seen Blur plenty of times, I finally got to see and photograph Dinosaur Jr last year and made up for lost time by seeing the JAMC twice in three days… So now I’m just waiting on […]

  2. […] would be now if I had have gone, and over the last few years have finally gotten around to seeing Dinosuar Jr (who weren’t as loud as everyone had led me to believe) and Jesus & Mary Chain (who I did […]

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