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Mogwai + Mick Turner @ The Tivoli, 04.03.2015

I’ve seen Mogwai a number of festivals but only for a handful of songs before needing to go and photograph another band on a different stage at the other end of the festival site. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a complete set, which makes tonight a special event. It’s disappointing that the lights are […]

Chic featuring Nile Rodgers @ The Tivoli, 15.12.2013

Ever since I’ve been interested in music photography (and that’s quite some time) one of my very favourite photos and probably my favourite group shot has been the Jill Furmanovsky photo of Chic. Group photos is something I don’t do a whole lot, I’ve always much preferred a portrait style but getting a good shot […]

The Breeders + Screamfeeder @ The Tivoli, 29.10.2013

Making the photos in your head that you want to take match the photos that you actually take at a show is a regular source of frustration.  However, tonight is a good night as at the fifth time of asking, I get a photo of Kim Deal that I’m really happy with. The first time […]

You Am I @ The Tivoli, 26.06.2013

I’m heading to the Tivoli for the first night of two You Am I shows at the venue, where they’re playing their Hourly Daily and Hi Fi Way albums in full Don’t Look Back-style. There’s no information saying anything about support acts for the night and the band’s Facebook page announces that they’re playing at […]

Dig It Up! 2013 – Hoodoo Gurus + Blue Oyster Cult + Flamin’ Groovies @ The Tivoli, 18.04.2013

When I used to photograph for Rave, I made myself a name as the photographer who was more interested in photographing ‘old time’ acts.  Obviously part of this is an age thing, and wanting to photograph acts who were part of my musical heritage when I was growing up, but it’s also partly about photographing […]

Cat Power + Mick Turner @ The Tivoli, 05.03.2013

Photos of Cat Power playing at The Tivoli in March 2013, with support from Mick Turner.

Einstürzende Neubauten @ The Tivoli, 23.02.2013

Photos of Einstürzende Neubauten’s Brisbane show at The Tivoli on 23 February 2013

Mark Lanegan Band @ The Tivoli, 21.04.2012

The big promoters are the worst. Even if you photograph at one of the big venues (BEC or BCC) and it’s not sold out, you’ll always be escorted out after the first three songs, never offered one of the spare seats going unused. People seem to think photographers request to cover certain gigs for reasons […]

Dig It Up!: Hoodoo Gurus + The Sonics + 5, 6, 7, 8s @ The Tivoli, 20.04.2012

When it comes down to it, Australian music is a bit of a strange beast in that despite the advantages of the English language it doesn’t travel well.  It always seems to be years behind musical movements in the UK and the USA, so often has little to offer. Growing up, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot […]

Bon Iver @ The Tivoli, 15.03.2012

I photographed Bon Iver the last time he played in Brisbane, at the same venue as he’s playing tonight, except this time around he’s playing three sold out nights at The Tivoli versus the one show back in 2009. It was a good show, a surprising show in a lot of ways as I didn’t think much […]

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot @ The Tivoli, 28.03.2012

Having photographed Duran Duran a couple of weeks ago, requesting to cover Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot Tour was going back even further into my musical past. Considering that The Stray Cats hit in the big time in 1980 and I was 8, my musical history doesn’t go a whole lot earlier. Having put in for it, it […]

Dirty Three @ The Tivoli, 22.03.2012

Tonight’s support act, Lost Animal, are already playing when I get to The Tivoli. There’s no one in the photo pit and I don’t check to see whether it’s still in the first three songs. They continue to play for a good while afterwards so maybe I should have checked as  I might have been OK to […]

Jesus Jones + The Wonder Stuff + Clouds @ The Tivoli, 18.08.2011

The third proper gig I ever went to was The Wonder Stuff. The Great Hall at Exeter University. 20 November 1989. The Wonder Stuff headling, Eat supporting, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin opening. £6. From a music perspective, growing up in near Exeter was far from ideal. Few bands made the 80 miles each-way detour west of […]

Gary Numan @ The Tivoli, 12.05.2011

Having last been here in March 2009, Gary Numan makes a fairly swift return  to The Tivoli as part of his tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of his third album, but the first released under his own name, The Pleasure Principle. I don’t get there until really late, so late in fact that not only […]

Belle & Sebastian @ The Tivoli, 07.03.2011

Seeing Belle & Sebastian at All Tomorrow’s Parties in the UK in December was exciting.  It wasn’t just that the band were curating the weekend and the main band on the Saturday night or that ATP is the more civilised way to experience a music festival but it the weekend was part of a two […]

Joanna Newsom @ The Tivoli, 04.03.2011

 First published on Collapse Board, 13.03.2011 Ironically, after the self-inflicted debacle of photographing Roxy Music earlier in the week, I get a second chance to make amends for a previous photographic misdemeanour, in the form of Joanna Newsom, who’s playing at The Tivoli for the second time in fourteen months. The last time she played at […]

Smashing Pumpkins @ The Tivoli, 17.10.2010

Once upon a time Smashing Pumpkins were one of my favourite bands.  I first got into them when they released the 4-track Lull EP (featuring Rhinoceros, Blue, Slunk and Bye June) which was released in the UK before Gish came out. I saw them when they were touring the EP at The Riverside in Newcastle, […]

Sufjan Stevens @ The Tivoli, 30.01.2011

I think out of all the new artists I heard in the last decade, Sufjan Stevens has turned out to be my favourite.  Ever since I first bought Seven Swans, completely old school, purely on the basis on a couple of reviews and without having heard a note of his music (something I still regularly […]

Paul Weller @ The Tivoli, 19-10-10

First published on Collapse Board (22/10/10). I’ve never really gotten Weller. Although I can remember ‘Town Called Malice’ on Top Of The Pops, The Jam were largely before my time. But that’s no excuse; I like plenty of bands who split up and singers who died before I started buying records. People have said they were […]

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions @ The Tivoli 24-06-2010

One thing I often wonder about the move away from music as a physical product to a digital one is whether the same emotional attachment is there as it was for the older generation.  It’s just not the ritualistic nature that used to exist – buying the album, looking at the photos on the inlay […]

Julian Casablancas @ The Tivoli 06-05-10

Generally a lot of the blame for restrictive terms and conditions when photographing concerts is laid at the door of management and promoters; an assumption that the artists leave the business side up to the people they pay to look after the business side of the industry and any bad treatment is carried out without […]

Wilco + Liam Finn @ The Tivoli 30-04-10

I was so looking forward to FINALLY getting so Wilco and so ever so slightly gutted when security kicked me out after three songs on the orders of the band’s management that photographers couldn’t stay for the show unless they had a separate ticket.  In retrospect I should have shown them the email from the […]

Dirty Three @ The Tivoli 25-01-10

Back in the good old days of film cameras, one of the harder things to keep a check on, in addition to whether any of the photos you’d taken were actually any good, was how many photos you’d taken of each band member.  Many a frustrating Sunday morning was spent developing films in the darkroom […]

Laughing Clowns @ The Tivoli 25-01-10

I don’t think I’ve ever given a support band a separate post, normally just including the headliner and all the support band musings and photos all in the one post.  But tonight Ed Kuepper hinted that this might be the last time that we get to see Laughing Clowns and as it’s been such a […]