Editors @ The Tivoli

First up in August was Editors at The Tivoli. Expatriate supported but (a) played in the dark for the 3 songs was photographing them for, and (b) just aren’t very good. Saw them support Presets at The Hopetoun in December 2004 and they were ok if nothing special but don’t seem to have really gone anywhere… I think they took too long getting an album out and have missed out on the whole 80s revisit that’s been going on in music over the last few years. Having said that I thought Editors were good and made Expatriate just seem very thin and weedy sounding.

The Tivoli is about the best venue in Brisbane but I wish they’d put a photo pit in sometimes. Despite being something like a 1,500 capacity (although it was probably only about half full tonight) it’s only had a barrier once when been there and that was for Noel Gallagher’s acoustic gig. You can get to the front but generally at the side of the stage. Hence why the photos are very side-on. Which is a shame as Tom Smith is an interesting performer and would have been great to shoot from more in front.

Some photos below and more on flickr.

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